Viva Chile Boston Fiesta!

 Viva Chile Boston Fiesta

 Celebra la cultura chilena!

Invita a tus familiares, amigos, compatriotas y amantes de la cultura latina

 Let’s celebrate Chilean culture!

Bring your family, friends, fellow Chileans and any Latin culture fan


  • Rica comida casera
  • Música en vivo
  • Concursos de cueca y paya, y mucho más…

Esta es la perfecta oportunidad para vestir tu traje o accesorio típico!

  • Yummy homemade cooking
  • Live music
  • Cueca and payas contests, and more…Logo-VROCC-Vertical

This is the perfect opportunity to wear your traditional Chilean outfit!


Saturday May 30th, 2015, 5 pm

Centro Cultural Verónica Robles 175 William F McClellan Highway, East Boston, MA, 02128

*Nota: te invitamos a compartir tu paya, las 5 mejores se recitarán el día del evento para concursar por un premio especial.

*Note: you are welcome to share your paya with us, the top 5 will be recited the day of the event, and they will get the chance to win a special price.


Keepers of Tradition Gourmet Dinner Series

Ceviche TrioVROCC Keepers of Tradition Gourmet Dinner Series features reliable and well respected personalities in the performing and culinary arts from around the world. Our first edition is to celebrate VROCC founder and director Veronica Robles’ birthday. 

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Widely recognized as the most authentic representative of Mexican music and culture in New England, Veronica Robles has Mexican music in her blood. She first learned to sing boleros and rancheras from her grandmother as she prepared traditional dishes in the family kitchen. It was in Mexico City’s Plaza Garibaldi, the cradle of mariachi music, where Veronica was introduced to the mariachi group led by El Chiquis.  She began working with his group at age 15, learning hundreds of songs and musical styles from these elder musicians. In 1992, Robles left her home country for New York City to pursue her life as a professional mariachi musician.

Robles has made Massachusetts home since 2000, where she specializes in performing for young audiences through school assemblies, residencies and dance workshops. She was named an Artist Fellowship Finalist by the Massachusetts Cultural Council in 2012.



Mexican Native Estela Calzada loves cooking and promoting traditional and authentic dishes of her beloved country. La Señora Estela runs a catering company called “Comida Autentica,” and her Tamale, Mole and other receipes still grace the menu of some well known Mexican Restaurants in Massachusetts. She teaches cooking classes for the Somerville Arts Council, and they call her classes “The Real Deal.”


From Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, currently living in the State of Maine, Mr. Ramos has over 25 years in the restaurant industry locally and internationally. He recently completed the first phase of a Tequila expert class “T” certification by The Tequila Regulatory Council of Mexico and is endorsed by the Association of Tequila from Mexico.  After finishing a technical career, Sergio immigrated to the United States and worked for Applebee’s,  Ruby Tuesday and Rare Hospitality.

On November 20th, Mexican celebrate the anniversary of  “La Revolucion Mexicana:
La Revolucion Mexicana was an armed conflict often categorized as the most important sociopolitical event in Mexico and one of the greatest upheavals of the 20th century, which saw important experimentation and reformation in social organization. After prolonged struggles, its representatives produced the Mexican Constitution of 1917 during Venustiano Carranza’s term.
The revolution led to the creation of the Partido Nacional Revolucionario (“National Revolutionary Party”) in 1929; it was renamed the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (Institutional Revolutionary Party) (PRI) in 1946. Under a variety of leaders, the PRI monopolized power until the general election of 2000.
The 20th of November is celebrated in Mexico as the beginning of the Mexican Revolution that ran from 1910 to 1920 and was called for by defeated presidential candidate and reform writer Francisco Ignacio Madero.


Tarde de Serenata Colombiana: Domingo 23 de Marzo

An evening of music, dance and food of Colombia to benefit VROCC programs featuring colombian singers Saul Garcia and Marina Rodriguez.

Contribution per person $25
Children 4 to 9 years old $2

Includes food, entertainment and dance.

El centro cultural Verónica Robles te invita a una tarde de serenata Colombiana.

Disfruta de las canciones de Saúl García y Marina Rodríguez. Además baila con el DJ Kike El Rumbero

Contaremos con nuestro exclusivo maestro de ceremonias William Peña e invitados especiales.

Adultos $25 y Niños de 3 a 9 años de edad $2 dólares incluye la comida.

Tu contribución ayudara a mantener los programas del Centro Cultural Verónica Robles VROCC que te acerca a tus raíces.

Te esperamos domingo 23 de marzo de 12 a 5 de la tarde

175 McClellan Highway, Ruta 1A, East Boston. Para mas información visita l pagina o llama al 781-558-5102

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