Teresa Stagnaro

Teresa StagnaroTeresa Stagnaro roots in the dance go back to her childhood in Piura, Perú where she learned the traditional Peruvian dances from her aunt during the many visits at the time of the festivals throughout all of norther Perú. Leaning dances such as Tondero, Marinera, and others inspired here to investigate and practice Peruvian traditions.

In Lima, her studies of the native dances varied slightly thus increasing her knowledge and depth of understanding of many of the Peruvian folk dances. She empowered herself learning the history, the meaning, and the significance of the various, colorful costumes.

Her interest and desire won her and opportunity to study under many master of Perú Negro, Ronny Campos, Maribel Bravo, Caitro Sotro and many others. Along with her academic studies she was enrolled at the Dance Schools, “Así es mi Perú” and “Raices de América”

After arriving in the United States in 1977, she continues to showcase and promote Peruvian Culture at northeastern University by enrolling in their dance School learning Jazz, Modern, African, and Brazilian Samba.

In 1985 she and her husband Oscar Stagnaro, created Perú Mestizo capturing her in depth abilities and designing of costumes.


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